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Two Additional Calls…

Jared will be doing the third of three eclipse meditations tonight, 8/12/18, at 9 PM Eastern time. Please use the same number and access code as for the daily meditation.

In addition, he will be hosting another Time for Change call tomorrow night, 813/18, also at 9 PM Eastern time and at the same number.

Namaste all!

Global Eclipse Meditation Call on Saturday 8/11/18

Please join Jared Rand, this Saturday morning, as he teams up with other groups for a special global meditation. The goal is to have at least 144,000 people meditating at the same time, beginning at 5:11 A.M. Eastern time.

Jared will begin speaking around 10 minutes until 5 and usher us into the meditation at 5:11. The call will be on the same number as for the daily meditations.

See you there!

Jared’s Non-Meditation Calls

Although this site is mainly geared towards resources for the meditation call, there is obviously combined interest in the other calls that Jared does. I will do my best to provide links to the other calls as I can locate them.

On the call tonight, Jared mentioned that he will be posting the call on the IQD Calls site.  This may happen tomorrow.

Here are some other options for listening to the call:

  • Access the Meditation Playback line (on our Welcome page) until tomorrow’s meditation
  • Follow this link to YouTube to find a list of many if not all the calls he has done.
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