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Service Notice

I am really enjoying the newfound peace for myself that has come with committing to meditate every day with Jared Rand. I’m also very happy to have been able to create this website for those who are looking for additional resources.

Doing this meditation has given me the peace of mind and healing energy to tackle some chronic health issues that have been plaguing me for years. These will take some time and concerted effort to resolve. This means I may not be able to post updates in a timely fashion for the next several weeks or months. This includes the transcripts from The Young Lightworkers. For up to date transcripts, please visit Dinar Chronicles.

I will do my best to stay current, and will look forward to joining you all in spirit every day at 3:00 PM Eastern.



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Jared on Real Truth Call Tonight

Please join Dr. WC on the Real Truth Call tonight as she hosts Jared Rand. The call starts at 9 PM Eastern time; Jared usually joins the call at 9:12 PM.

9 pm – Midnight EDT +
Code: 899 988#

Replay 712-770-4178
Code: 899 988#

Back up Number:

Listen To Live Call On Line:

Step 1: Click on Flash Player,
Step 2: Choose Number 712-770-4175),
Enter Code (899 988#), Enter Your Name
Step 3: Place Call

Amazing Growth

February 12, 2018 was our first meditation. That was 82 days ago and we started with just a couple thousand people. Today, Jared said we are up to 34,000 people!!! What an amazing accomplishment!

I don’t know about you, but I am finding it easier to do the work, and easier to envision the earth in a peaceful, loving state. Let’s keep up the good work!