Options for Accessing the Call

I felt like today’s meditation on happiness was quite powerful; it sure helped me increase my own personal happiness for the day!

I have received some good input about accessing the call from several of our fellow participants. Here is a good submission from Derek about accessing the call through apps on your phone:

(Calling in via cell phone app) – For an iPhone or an Android phone, and perhaps for other types of phones as well but these two for sure, a person can go to their app store and search for the free conference call hd app. Once they download the app and they sign into the app, they can then set things up so that it will save the call in number and the pin for both your live and replay calls. On my phone I have two different profiles saved, one where I just open up the app press a button and it dials and enters the pin number automatically. Once again a person can setup two different profiles and give each their respective names – example Jared live meditation call and Jared replay meditation call. Each profile can be saved and it’s very easy each time to use so one doesn’t have to worry about miss entering any numbers etc. One thing to note is that when you use this app it will prompt you and ask Call Using Internet or Dial, you must click one of these to connect so in my case I always click on Call Using Internet. For iPhone I click to highlight which profile I wish to dial into to, I then click on the bottom in the middle where it says Start Call with the icon of a phone, then make your choice to connect using internet or dial, and it will then dial and enter the pin code and connect automatically from here.

Thanks Derek and to everyone else who is sending comments. We will be sure to implement those things that can assist all of us in having a positive experience!

We sure have come a long way from the days when we used these old ways to connect!




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