Monday, April 2nd, 2018 …About Me

Thank you, Jared, for mentioning this website on your meditation today. Since you mentioned me by name, here is a little bit about me for our visitors.

My name is Karen, and I first heard Jared speak this past January on one of the Real
Truth Calls. What he was saying about the Medbeds and other spiritual information resonated strongly with me and when he started this meditation, I felt guided to assist him by providing a sort of meeting place for those of us who connect through the internet.

Although my background is in allopathic medicine, I have become very spiritual in my philosophy and believe that meditation is a potent healing modality.  Since retiring from medical practice, my focus has been on self-healing and incorporating ways to use meditation in everyday life. I put together an e-book in 2015 for those inclined to read more about the Health Benefits of Meditation. Please visit the Resources page to get your copy of the book.

I do meditative art using the Flower of Life pattern and hold meditative art classes at the local veteran’s wellness center. I also enjoy making video montages on spiritual topics as another form of personal meditation and healing. I have moved on from taking care of people in a medical setting to caring for pets in their homes while their families go on vacation. Although I make substantially less than I did in medical practice, working with pets has vast rewards, not the least of which is receiving channeled messages from them about how much they love us humans! Click here to read one such message.

I am very grateful to Jared for having started the meditation and am pleased to be of service to him and all of you. Anything you send through the contact form or email “” will come to me. Messages for Jared will be forwarded to him.

I look forward to joining energies with all of you daily at 3PM Eastern time!




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