Welcome to the Global 8000 Meditation Resource site! This site is dedicated to providing resources to assist visitors to Jared Rand’s daily Global 8000 Meditation.

“Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when God talks to you.”

First things first: This meditation is held EVERY DAY at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. That translates to 12:00 noon Pacific Time, 1:00 PM Mountain Time, and 2:00 PM Central Time. Click here for a Time Zone Converter. To use the Time Zone Converter, Put in 3:00 and New York in the two boxes on the RIGHT, and you should see the correct equivalent time in the top box on the LEFT and “Local Time” in the bottom box.

The phone number to use to call in to the meditation is:

(641) 715-0857 access code 303471#

In case you miss it or cannot attend, the playback number is:

(641) 715-3579 access code 303471#

Introducing VOIP dialing!

If you cannot or do not want to use a phone to make the call, you can go to


and follow the instructions given. You will simply

  • Enter your name.
  • Type the dial-in number (641) 715-0857 in the blue box or click or tap the dial-in number on the keypad.
  • Click Call and agree to allow access to your microphone.
  • When prompted, enter the access code (303471) followed by pound (#) to be connected to the conference.

You can use the same instructions to listen to the playback. Just use the playback number (641) 715-3579 instead of the call number. Same access code.

***NOTE: Several people have noticed that their computer or device will not let them access the microphone and cannot listen to the call. This may be due to the permissions set for the device. Try using another browser or check your permissions settings.

International numbers: (use same access code)


+60 11-1146 0032


+356 2031 0021



+356 2031 0021


+52 899 274 8204


+31 97 05 500 1830

New Zealand


+47 21 93 53 43


Russian Federation

+7 499 371-06-82


+65 3138 9223



+386 1 828 03 22

South Africa

The initial goal is to reach 8000 people meditating on a consistent basis. It is said that one person with focused intent can effect change for up to 1 million people!

Check out this video made especially for this effort; feel free to copy, share, etc!